Remapping in Rhino

Hi is it possible to remap objects in Rhino?

I want to remap these points from a flat elliptical plane to a curved surface.

I don’t want to vertically project them, but remap them so that the distances between the points remain relative between both surfaces.

Does anyone know if there is a function in Rhino with which one can do this?


Hello - FlowAliongSrf might be the tool you’re looking for but this will only be ‘correct’ if the surface structures match reasonable well - if the flat surface is a trimmed plane, for instance, and the 3d surface an untrimmed thing, it will not work out well. Can you post the file?


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It is possible with FlowAlongSrf if you set up the “from” and “to” surfaces carefully - very carefully.

In the example below, I created both the flat and ellipsoid surfaces wiht the same procedure - RailRevolve. In the case of the flat surface it’s just a revolved line, for the ellipoid it’s a revolved ellipse quadrant. Same rail in both cases, an ellipse. That way the structures of the two surfaces correspond, and they have the same seam.

Then use FlowAlongSrf, base surface is the flat surface, target is the ellipsoid surface. Make sure you set AutoAdjust to No - otherwise Rhino will try to guess how the two surfaces correspond and will get it wrong 99% of the time. Then click on areas of the base and target surface that correspond.

FlowPts_Ellipsoid.3dm (406.7 KB)

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Great!! This works for me to.

Thank you for the clear and thorough explanation.