Remapping Curve Domain

Hello people!

I have a question regarding to the curve domain. If I have a curve or line within the certain domain for example from 2 to 30. Is there a way how to give the same curve different domain say 0 to 2000? I can reparametrise the curve but then it will be from 0 to 1. Then I tried to remap number from (2 to 30) to (0 to 2000) but then I dont know how to use this remapped number to create new domain for the same curve.

Thanks a lot in advance for any help!!

Rhino 6 + GH1 has a curve domain component. If you don’t have Rhino 6 find attached a C# version.

Curve (6.1 KB)

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Wow thanks a lot! Maybe its about time to push for Rhino 6 in the work :wink: