Remap/flip matrix from data tree


I can’t really figure out how to use the remap path component to change a data tree. Normally I use the flip matrix component, but now it doesn’t work. The problem I have is that I want to remap the tree as followed:

The data tree has only 1 branch numbers ( example {0},{1},{2} etc.) with all of them contains 2 items per branch. (item 0 and 1 in the branch). I want to flip the branch so that all 0 numbers are together in one branch and the 1 in one branch. For example:

Branch 1 contains the points: (0,5,0) and (0,5,10).
Branch 2 contains the points : (0,10,0) and (0,10,10)

So I want to change the branches that the points on the same level or item level are getting combined as:

Branch 1 : (0,5,0) and (0,10,0)
Branch 2: (0,5,10) and (0,10,10)

How can I make this possible?

What is that?
Replace Paths? or Path Mapper?

If I understood correctly, you want to “mix up” path index and item index.
Try this:
2022-08-11 17_59_06-Window

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Its the Path Mapper. I have found the solution but without the Path Mapper. I just needed to Cull the list with a pattern. Thanks for your reply and possible solution! @maje90