Flip matrix with path mapper

Hello everyone!
I am working with this set of volumes, and I would like to organize them in two different ways: by floor (like in the screenshot with colors) and by column of boxes (vertically).
I am not really sure of how to do it since I’m pretty new working with data trees, however I believe that path mapper might be able to help me, but even with watching David Rutten’s couldn’t do it…any ideas? Thank you!!

data tree.gh (219.1 KB)

Here is an alternate approach.
data tree_V2.gh (221.6 KB)

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Check this as well.

data tree_re.gh (223.1 KB)


hi flow23

say your paths are {A;B} then to flip that you will use flip matrix or path mapper to make: {B;A}

in the case you had multiple branches then you use the path mapper to rearrange them like say:
[A;B;C] flipped to [C;B;A]

so just plugin your path mapper and choose ‘null mapping’

then double click on the component and change the mapping as you like

*it may also be usefull to simplify / trim your branches to remove empty overlaps first

here is a good video about path mapping:

it is pretty simple

yrs, arkadius

Thank you all so much!!! It helped me a lot!