Remap Domain

Hi All, I need to help to remap numbers into a new domain.
So, I would like to remap the numbers 0-1-2-3 to a domain 1-2-3-4.
can someone please help??

See the remap numbers component.
Capture (5.9 KB)

But in your case why not just add 1 to each number?

thank’s for your answer, but I didnt’t explain myselft well.
In the attached figure I have highlighted two numbers sliders: Nmullions and Index.
the Nmullions slider goes from 0 to 3, while Index slider from 1 to 4.
When Nmullions is 0 I would like to match the number 1 in Index slider, and so on.

As Michael said, you can just add 1 to the output of the Nmullions slider

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This is why it’s good to be fully descriptive from the start.