Release from cage doesnt retain the distorted image cageEdit created

having used the suggested Cage Edit and rectangle and u 2 v 2 method to distort a photo taken at a slight angle and make it ortho.
then having used the suggested releaseFromCage command to avoid movement of the image asking me to use undo as it removed object from cage,

I see next day that my photo that had the perspective distortion removed using cageEdit, is no longer an ortho view but regained its perspective again. :rage:

Just what command should one use having distorted a raster image, so that it stays that new shape, and can be moved about ?


Can you provide a screen shot of when you are asked to use undo? Is it connected to History?


here you go, grabbed an image at random, applied cageEdit rectangle u 2 v 2 etc, then moved the result after process had finished, got this.

This time I drw rectangle withing image, normally I take in all of image, same warning box though.

I am not running history.


So, where does ReleaseFromCage come into it? Is that still part of this process? Moving a caged object breaks its connection to the cage.


I need to be able to move around photos after they have been cage edited, and someone said use Release From Cage, the edited shape remains and one doesnt get this warning saying undo the move, but it doesnt work, still I get the warning.


Right click in the history pane of the status bar and UNCHECK history break warning. --Mitch