Move released object from cage edit use undo command

having used cageEdit and U 2 V 2 to distort a trace of details back to ortho over a perspective photo, when I group the now cageedited curves with the picture, and move the group, I get a warning the move has released the items from the cage edit.

well as I dont want to lose the result, how can I move it ?

I have also tried grouping the cage edit box along with the picture and curves.

for the resulting corrected curves, I tried copying them losing their umbilical cord by projecting to a planar surface, then I can move them as a new unit, however I cant seem to get a copy of the also distorted picture to go with them.

One cannot project a raster to a surface !


CageControl can not be moved or copied without losing connection…
Only command “ReleaseFromCage” can release individual objects (eg.copies created inside CageControl)

Move the cage and the curves, don’t select the picture - it will move with the cage.


so simple, is that ok with and without picture grouped to curves etc, ?

I guess grouped sees picture also move, that might be the problem.