Relaxed Loft between two curves Vertically

Hey gang,

I’m lofting two curves vertically , and the result is a straight extrusion. Is there a way to relax the loft in GH , simillar to introducing a degree in Rhino to make the curvature more significant. Attached script and screengrab for reference.

Thanks gang.

231212_Clover Column (19.5 KB)

231212_Clover Column Pavillion Edited (58.3 KB)
Just install Wombat.

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Hey Quan, thanks for this. Ive tweaked it to get the outcome i was looking for with your input.

231212_Clover Column (52.8 KB)

231212_Clover Column Pavillion_Reference Edited (37.4 KB)


So much better and exactly what i was looking to find out. Appreciate this legend @Quan_Li

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