Relax mesh. Constrains: max slope and some pre-defined Z coordinates

Hi, I am a basic user of Grasshopper. I have designed a 3d mesh road on a 3d terrain in Archicad but I need to optimize to have pretty much 3% max slope everywhere. Imputs: the boundary in a 2D plane and some points with pre-defined Z coordinates that can’t change like the level of the slabs to be reached by the trucks immediately outside the building, or the connection to the existing public road. Next I need to bring the level of the mesh as close as possible to the terrain in order to avoid structural walls. Most of the time the road is above natural terrain.
I would appreciate your help, starting with plugins I might try. I would imagine that some structural plugins would be able to do this.
Thank you in advance.

Hi @Adrian75,

Have a look here.