Relative Item Diagrid - Missing last Grrid

Dear All

I am doing a simple Relative Item Diagrid to a Box Surface. The Diagrid is created successfully everywhere except the last grid as you may see in the attached files.
I have tried to use the “Wrap Paths” in the Relative Item component but the result was not what I am expecting.

Could anyone please point me to the right direction as to how to create the missing grid?

Many thanks in advance!
Yutakrealtive item missing (7.4 KB)
realtive item missing (7.4 KB)
relative item missing diagrid.3dm (224.3 KB)

realtive item missing (10.6 KB)

hope it help!~

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Thank you Dowazura! This is exactly what I need.

Can you please explain what the notation {+1}[+1]

I have always used {1;1}{1;-1} which worked in simple cases but not in this wrapped case.
I see that you have also ungrafted my tree as well, would that be related to the notation you have used?

Many thanks for your help!

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