Regularize interpolate curve

Hi there,

I am having problem to make interpolate curve regular as the black marker in the picture, I want to know how I can define an order for all those group of 3 points . (19.8 KB)

There is a standard GH component for this…

I’m not sure what you want to do. The white group is a wild guess? (19.9 KB)

thanks man! exactly what i meant. Moving on I did kind of mirror to the offset of the base line. Didn’t went as same as I expected, i don’t know why the points didn’t pulled correctly so the arcs are not straight on Z direction. Also one arc mixed its midpoint with the next one. (25.5 KB)

It looks like a mess to me. I don’t find a Mirror component anywhere in that file.

I think you need to learn how to keep better track of what’s happening at each step. Text panels, selective previews and this ‘Tree/List Viewer’ tool are how I do it:

the mirror i was reffering is the action of mirroring the curve more than using the comand… I wanted to make a reflected arc and found those problems…

maybe sorting the points by their Z value does the trick in this particular case? (20.9 KB)