Region Union Fail: It's always the donut!

This is a problem I hit upon again and again…
When you want to create a Region union, you always have a problem with the ‘donuts’. whenever a region has a hole in it, it confuses the whole operation.

I simplified the example bellow with just a rectangle and a donut. The only solution I have found is to create a union with all the ‘external’ boundaries and then subtract the ‘internal’ ones.
The problem is that when you have a bunch of them, It becomes exponentially complicated.

For example: how would you go about unifying the selected curves in the image? Any plugins/ methods? (10.9 KB)

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Desperate times call for desperate measures…
The only way I found was to create a solid and take a slice…
but there must be a smarter way!
Anyone?!?! (13.2 KB)

Here’s a feature request that’s been around for a while for getting CurveBoolean over to GH… I added your post to the comments. I think it may help in this scenario but I am not sure how the result would be sorted.

If you don’t have too many complex collections of curves, I’d suggest baking them out and doing it with CurveBoolean directly in Rhino. I used combine regions = yes , delete input = yes and started with all regions to deselect the openings… took about 30 secs, but that may not be an option for you.

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Thanks for the reply!
Although I see that the top bar is missing a piece within the top circle… and 30 secs? the solid method took 2 secs.
For my actual model though which has about 60 shapes it takes minutes…
… so there is no plugin (?)…

yeah, I guess I missed a piece in my picking, just thought I’d offer it as a manual method. No, I don’t know of a plugin to suggest but hopefully we can get the command into GH to help in definitions. I like your idea of a slice in the meantime.

To me, that is the thing that definitely the clipper plugin can do… (5.5 KB)


and to think that I had it installed…
Thanks Kim!