Refresh Eto Form


(In C#) How is it possible to manually ask an Eto window/form to refresh ? Here is my goal :
In a personal class, derived from Eto.Forms.Form, when user hits a button, it lunches a long process. In order to give feedback to user, I’d like to update a status label. Here is the code of the raised function :

public void OnCheckButton()
        _cleanLabel.Text = "Processing ..."; // User never see this, because window doesn't refresh
        _nErrorGeometry = _bdIda.CheckGeometry(); // A function that takes a minute to run
        _cleanLabel.Text = "Done.";

The user never sees the label with “Processsing …” written, because the window only refreshes in the end. I’ve noticed that if I prompt an Eto message in between, it will refresh the initial window. So I guess there is a way to do it.

Hi @em.rudelle,

Does this help?

– Dale

Hi @Dale, unfortunately no. I guess that it is because the queue is not proceed when using this function. It only queues the refresh.

@curtisw - is this something you can help with?