ReForm vs QuadRemesher

I’ve found this today about the new feature in 3DSMAx called ReForm, similar to QuadRemesher, but with some really nice controls for higher details and for solving hard edges and softening them (at the end of the video)

And here someone made a comparison of the two:

Original mesh is here:

I hope this inspire to make QuadRemesher better.



The “Reform” of 3D Studio Max it’s really powerful; the particles it can handle with fewer faces than Rhino can is a great feature.
I hope Quadremesh can be improved: it is already a great starting point!

Let’s petition: we all want a remesher like that of 3D Studio Max. It’s an important tool to pair with rhino Nurbs: if more efficient, it’s better!


Reform by 3d studio max manages to return more details.
This is another video of its potential … Rhino (quadremesh) is a little behind, unfortunately.

This is Rhino’s first time dipping their toe into this world. There definitely is much that to be desired but I’d also add that the workflow found in zBrush, 3D Max, Blender has generally not been the path that Rhino has been on. It’s been a CAD first software which didn’t really do that well with mesh geometry. It’s a bit unfair to try to compare these two right now. Like why not compare what 3D Max can do to zBrush as they’re closer in this arena than Rhino.

It is clear that Rhino was born as a Nurbs modeler. Rhino’s the Quadremesh is at the first step towards other types of modeling. The desire is the such tool, useful, does not remain as it is, but that it improves over time, to reach levels worthy of note