Am I not understanding the Curve.ToArcsAndLins method correctly? (13.7 KB)

The tolerance parameters don’t seem to change anything, and the maximum length input seems to be counter-intuitive where when it is set at zero, minimum number of arcs are found and when it is increase to a large number (smaller than curve length), number of segments don’t seem to decrease. And when the minimum length is set to, say 5, many segment lengths are still smaller than 5.


Hi @timothytai,

How does this compare to the results of Rhino’s Convert command?

– Dale

Hi Dale,
It seems to be outputting the same result, but still does not really make sense to me.
How is it that when I input high values for angle and absolute tolerances as well as min and max segment lengths, it is still returning a large amount of arc segments (with lengths well below min value input)?

Using the simplify component before inputting the curve seems to be an okay workaround: (21.4 KB)

Any thoughts? Thanks!