Referenced surface has Reference ID, Mesh of referenced Surface has not

Hello everyone

I’m quite new to Grasshopper and have a problem with IDs of referenced Rhino geometry objects.
I want to keep track of multiple meshes via their ReferenceID. When I input the referenced surfaces directly into my component, the SolveInstances DA object has the ReferenceID of the referenced Rhino surfaces. When the referenced surfaces are piped into a MeshUV component first, then these output meshes don’t seem to have a ReferenceID anymore (more precisely, the ReferenceID is 0000-000… etc.)? Shouldn’t the GH_Mesh object have the ReferenceID of the referenced surface? If not, how do I keep the ReferenceID through the MeshUV component?

Thanks for all help in advance!

The meshes generated are not in the rhino document, they only live in GH. Therefore they don’t have a reference id. I can’t think of a way to know the reference id of a mesh’s surface.

Why do you need this?