Reference gha file


I know I can reference a .gha file renaming it to .dll into Visual Studio, the question is:
The referenced component will be copied to target folder (Copy Local = True) as a referenced library of my GH plugin, but when I distribute my plugin I have to distribute the referenced component too, and if the component(s) is updated it should be updated in my plugin as well.

Is there any way to link it directly to “Grasshopper\Components” as Rhinocommon or Grasshopper?

I can make a wrapper which gets the component (.gha) and reflect the properties and methods that I’m using, but actually It should be done for all of them…

Well I guess it’s not thought to use it in this way but any suggestion is appreciated.


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I think @DavidRutten might know, I haven’t experimented with this topic.

Are we talking a third-party GH component or your own?

About a grasshopper component, like XformComponents.gha for example

@Harper Did you find a solution?