_ReduceMesh preview issues


two issues which could be solved:

  • If the Preview is calculated and the user like it and press OK, than this preview could be direct used instead to calculated it again. I hope this is possible and time could be saved.

  • Please add a shaded preview option which allow to see the shape. Nice would be if the mesh could be light overlayed. Attached a raw example mixed in Photoshop. So the user could better see how details are kept.

  • Also very useful would be to simple switch between an original and reduced shaded preview. So, the user could see jumps at the model, where big shape changes are added.


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Hi Micha, thanks, I’ll add this to the pile.

RH-62170 ReduceMesh: Use the preview mesh

RH-62171 ReduceMesh: Shaded preview

RH-62172 ReduceMesh: Toggle shaded preview