Recursive data changes in a database

Hello everyone, I am trying to update a database for individual elements and this requires a recursive operation since the output of the change becomes the new input for the next change (otherwise it overrides the first change). I have tried many methods with recorders, data dams etc, but could not find a simple solution. Another option is to export the list every time to excel but that seems really backwards.
I’ve narrowed the problem for a very basic example, hoping get some wisdom from you all.

there are plugins like Anemone that allow you to loop data, otherwise you can code it in c#, python, vb…

Yes, Anemone does loops. But, I’m looking for a simpler solution then applying it every time. Basically, disconnecting the recorder for the loop and reconnecting it when a change is made…
It shouldn’t be so hard to do but I haden’t solved it.

I think I didn’t fully understand what you’re trying to achieve then :slight_smile:
can you post a GH file with some data and desired outputs?

in theory you could do something like this, connect the red wire to start the loop, and just play the data dams to have the loop continue, but I don’t know how much useful would be to manually set the Find and Replace values each time
moreover all the data is volatile: after clicking on a Data Dam you just get that set of values and lose all the previous ones…

it’s a bit like like crossing the streams: Cross the streams - YouTube

I thought you sent me a movie on how to solve the problem:))
I’ll describe the probem:
Imagine you have a phone list… and you want to update a number… and then another number…
So when you change the second it will remember the first change you made. As simple as that:)

Now that’s making me more confused: you appear to be talking about serial updates, nothing recursive needed for that.

What database are you using? Can you share the data structure you need to update? What experience do you have developing with databases?