Recursive actions with a recorder

Hi everyone, I am trying to form a loop for manual recursive actions in GH (Hoopsnake and Anemone don’t work as all actions are preset)
In order to do this I am using a recorder to record the output and then feeding it back back as the input.
I know some will say GH doesn’t do recursive actions… But all that is missing is a way to internalise the data from the recorder so that GH doesn’t see it as an active feeder…
Any suggestions?

Have you tried Data Dams?
With 2 Data Dams you can make a sort of “manual recursive” solution…
data dams


Thanks, will give it a shot!

Hard to believe that Anemone doesn’t work? It works extremely well in my experience.
But it’s iterative, not recursive, an important distinction that many people don’t understand.

Yes exactly… My goal is not to build a loop that takes the output and creates it as an input automatically… but to allow additional changes to objects without “resetting” the GH definition every time a change is made. for instance: A radius of a ball is 2… Now you want to add 4 and have it be 6… then next operation you want to add 2 again and make it 8…
Basically allow manual manipulations of data sets,

What does that have to do with recursion? Nothing in your explanation sounds recursive.

You’ll get better help if you post a GH model with a clear goal.

Thanks, I think my whole approach was wrong…
That’s why I posted it as a theoretical question.
I’ll give you an example:
Imagine you have a bunch of spheres coming out of a GH def. Now you want to go and “tweak” every sphere’s radius manually… without affecting the others, and you want to save the data so that next time you continue with an updated version of the change.

Edit a list of values in a text panel.

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