Rectangle deconstruction?

do we have any tool to deconstruct rectangle?

Other than Deconstruct Rectangle?

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o god lord, my mistake . Thanks

No worries :wink:

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I got to reply to that… I was looking for that component and now I know why I couldn’t find it. It is Deconstuct Rectangle :wink:


It took you 3 year’s to find it :crazy_face:

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To clarify, d_pace23 is not me :wink: I was looking for this component recently and I was scratching my head because I was absolutely sure that there must be something like that among standard components. However, couldn’t find it for a good while.

And any searching I start with “guess the name” game.

TYPO!!! McNeel @wim , could we get this fixed please?

I was also searching for Deconstruct Rectangle and got 15 “Deconstruct” commands but none for rectangle. That’s because the “r” got deconstructed within “deconstuct rectangle”. I had to search for this issue on the forum, and thankfully, other people knew how to misspell and found it!


Thanks guys. I’ve put it on the list as RH-56250.

Hi - this issue was closed as “Won’t fix” because renaming that component would break any Node-In-Code python script which invokes it.

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