Deconst[r]uct Rectangle Grasshopper component misspelled!


I’ve noticed that whenever I try to invoke DRec (Deconstruct Rectangle) by keyword search, it doesn’t really turn up as a result.
Searching by “DRec” works, but typing “Deconstruct Rec…” doesn’t match anything!

Screenshot 2022-02-02 at 07.57.04

The reason why this is the case, is that the component nickname (and/or full name) is misspelled!

I’m currently using Rhino 7 (7.15.22021.17002, 2022-01-21) for macOS.


I’ve always hard a hard time finding that component, I wonder how long that typo has been there?


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without knowing much programming, to replace this word in any code is probably a matter of a few seconds. even if it shows up multiple times a quick search and replace should do. for anybody having code written that is the least they could do to keep it up to date

but alright grasshopper 2 is on the rise, i assume fixing it there should make more sense :relaxed: