Recommended lightweight laptop for travel and work on rhino?


Will be doing a bit of walking in upcoming trip and I’d like to pick up a lightweight laptop that won’t lag on editing in rhino? Recommendations that are affordable?

(Verena Vogler) #2

Hi Peter, which Rhino Version are you going to install?


Probably 5


I can just say that I am happy with this one. Only drawback I can find is it renders a little slow
It does have an 256GB ssd though, did not see that in the specs

(Verena Vogler) #5

Win or Mac?

(Jakob Normand) #6

Hi @Roy_Berntsen and @PeterB

I Have that exact laptop as well, and I’m pretty happy with it - it’s cheap and runs Rhino 5 well. Do note, that I wouldn’t exactly call it ligthweight (just under 2.5 kg) and the RAM is limited to 8 Gb - at least that’s what the manual says. If it actually would accept more RAM, I don’t know - but there are no free slots, so you would have to remove one to add one.

Just my 2 cents on the matter :slight_smile:

HTH, Jakob


Windows 10