Rebuilding Geometry/3dm file from serialized JSON

Hi there,

I’m trying to JSON serialize my Rhino-file or Geometry so I can send it to and retrieve it from a database.
So I’m stuck in two places:

  1. Can I retrieve a File3dm object of the Rhino ActiveDoc without writing a file to the harddrive or building it from scratch?

  2. How would I convert the deserialized Geometry back to a Rhino Object? Currently data looks like this:

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Did you find a way, I am also wanting to know, I just start to explore Jswan plugin.
Ezhil Vignesh

File3dm must rely on a file or a memory stream. You cannot convert ActiveDoc to File3dm directly. You can build a File3dm and insert geometry from ActiveDoc into it.

I’m afraid you cannot use jSwan to (de)serialize geometry. It is doable thourgh my plugin, or Json support from Shapedrvier’s plugin

Through my plugin, Pancake.

Through Shapediver’s plugin,