Rebuild the curve after remove duplicated intersections

Hello everyone,
I have 2 questions here in my upload file:
One is why the item index is all -1?
Two is unflatten will work well in this case?

Please give me some ideas or suggestions.
Thank you

Q5- Merge intersections into (42.1 KB)

I don’t really get what you want to do? Could you maybe elaborte a little?

I wann generate the curve in the light green group, however the original points have several intersections(not one intersection between curves). I use remove duplicate points, but I could not get those curve like the light green group shows.

You got it entirely wrong:

  1. Define any BrepFace you want (with or without holes).
  2. Get the Face’s Box (oriented or not).
  3. Using the Box base as Surface divide in U/V and do any pattern.
  4. Use a suitable filter: for instance get any portion of the pattern elements (usually lines) that is inside (or outside) the BrepFace.

Instead of item index, use member index. Item index will give you different information as explained here.

Yeah, it work withNumber Index, Thank you Adwait.