How to edit control points on surface

Hi Guys,

I’d like to make adjustments to the tip of this flower petal form I am making by pushing and pulling the control points but when I turn on the control points they seem to be way off the surface, in more of a cage-edit like configuration (please see image below). Can anyone tell me how to get the control points on the actual surface? Do I have to reset the control points or something? Any help would be much appreciated.

It looks like that object might be the result from a revolved curve.

It’s important to understand that NURBS surfaces always are rectangular (though a side might be collapsed to 0 length) and that trimming a surface only hides the rest. Control points of a surface will only be on the edge of the surface if the edge is a natural edge. Shrinking the surface will get rid of some of those points but in this case won’t give you what you want.

To change the shape of your objects it would be better to change the shape of the input objects.

use the shrinktrimmedsrf command to make your points reset to a closer approximation of the borders of your trimmed surface. They won’t be right on, as it will still be a trimmed srf, but it will be closer and easier to deal with.