Rebuild part of curve


It’s possible to rebuild part of a curve?

In illustrator we can change the continuity of the curve, i don’t know if it is possible to do it on Rhino.


you can “split” the curve at “points” wich you can “rebuild” and rejoin with the other line segments.
if I misinterpreted your question, this should be the right answer:
type the command “pointson” to see control points of a curve. you can disable pointson simply by esc.
click the points and move them to customize the line. you can move easily with the “gumball” activated.

Hi Bruno - what is it you need to accomplish? Can you post an example?


Hi, thanks by your answer.

Please open this file to see what i want.

Hi Bruno - try InsertKink at the location of your middle red point, and then turn on the points and move the curve point there.


Hi pascal, thanks for the tip but it’s not what I’m looking for.
My problem it’s that the curve has a break point as you see in the example in the bottom.
I can rebuild the curve with a lot of points, but i don’t want to do that because i will change other parts of the curve.

I just want to add or solve that break point, in illustrator there is a command where we can convert anchor points to smooth.

That’s what i’m looking for, see the example image.

Hi Bruno - did you actually try InsertKink to add your ‘break point’?


Yes, but InsertKink creates a break point in the first and last point in the reconstruction of the curve.

To remove the kink, if that is what you are asking for, what I would do is InsertKnot on either side of the existing kink, then RemoveKnot once at the kink. Ideally, the knot insertion should use MidPoints=Yes and snap to the marked midpoints on either side of that knot location.

@TAZ Bruno - probably a better way is to remove curve-degree number of knots at that kink location. Find the degree - the What command will help, and then in RemoveKnot, click on that location degree number of times.


That’s it. Thanks very much pascal.

@TAZ Bruno - actually, instead of removing all the knots (degree number) try removing degree-1 knots, leaving a simple knot there, not no knots at all - that should modify the shape less than if you remove all of the knots. BTW, One of the developers here cooked up some code that allows me to make a simple ‘RemoveKink’ tool in Python, in version 6/WIP.


Thanks, i will try