Reassigning an order to a linear array

Hey forum,
looking for some assistance - I’m attempting to re-assign a sequential order to a linear array of curves. Attached is the reference. On the left is the current order, On the right in green the desired sequence - thin I’m suffering a case of Friday-brain.


There is a Sort Points component - it should work for you :slight_smile:

nope - doesn’t work, the error states the reference of the object is not set to an instance of the object…

man it can’t be so obscure - bet it’s staring right at me…

Can’t touch this unless you post the GH file.

Well, because you probably was trying to sort curves with it. Take for example start points of those curves, and sort them.

Unfortunately that’s not possible, thanks anyway

Of course it’s possible! An abbreviated file would be preferred anyway, not interested in proprietary secrets. Which way is up/down on that image? If Z then sort the start points by their Z value and wire the curves to the second input of Sort.

deffo not possible… sorted nonetheless… thanks for taking the time to cast an eye over it anyway…

That’s absurd.

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

I see a plane in the background of your lines: (9.4 KB)

Where did you get your image? That’s not the one he posted. There wasn’t enough information to answer this question without making (and explaining) assumptions.

Cheers inno - much appreciated

you are right, what I meant was "because I can see a plane in the background of your lines, then you can for sure use one of those axis as reference for sorting the points: for instance, if the axis shown was Z like in my picture, then Z could be used for that purpose "

in general, assuming the starting points of your curve are somehow aligned, you can always use sort points along curve with a curve built just ad-hoc for that purpose, in such a way you are not axis dependant anymore (9.3 KB)

if all starting points are aligned, worst case scenario they are sorted in the opposite direction