Read/Write CompressedBuffer



I’m migrating from RhinoDotNet to RhinoCommon. I have been able to read old files saved with the OnBinaryArchive class, with the new class BinaryArchiveFile, which is a good thing and was important for my plug-in.

Unfortunately, i used in some places the OnBinaryArchive.WriteCompressedBuffer, to store byte arrays, and it seems RhinoCommon doesn’t have an equivalent so I’cant read files where this function was used.

I think the ReadByteArray can’t read this, because the WriteCompressedBuffer used zlib or something.

(Dale Fugier) #2

Hi José,

You are correct BinaryArchiveReader::ReadByteArray is just a wrapper for ON_BinaryArchive::ReadByte.

I don’t see any methods, on RhinoCommon archive reader classes, for reading and writing compressed information. I will add this to the RhinoCommon to-do list.

Thanks for reporting.

– Dale

(Dale Fugier) #3

Hi José,

I’ve added support for reading and writing compressed buffers to RhinoCommon. But its too late to get the changes into SR8. So, they will be in the service release following SR8.


– Dale


Nice, thanks