Read/Write CompressedBuffer


I’m migrating from RhinoDotNet to RhinoCommon. I have been able to read old files saved with the OnBinaryArchive class, with the new class BinaryArchiveFile, which is a good thing and was important for my plug-in.

Unfortunately, i used in some places the OnBinaryArchive.WriteCompressedBuffer, to store byte arrays, and it seems RhinoCommon doesn’t have an equivalent so I’cant read files where this function was used.

I think the ReadByteArray can’t read this, because the WriteCompressedBuffer used zlib or something.

Hi José,

You are correct BinaryArchiveReader::ReadByteArray is just a wrapper for ON_BinaryArchive::ReadByte.

I don’t see any methods, on RhinoCommon archive reader classes, for reading and writing compressed information. I will add this to the RhinoCommon to-do list.

Thanks for reporting.

– Dale

Hi José,

I’ve added support for reading and writing compressed buffers to RhinoCommon. But its too late to get the changes into SR8. So, they will be in the service release following SR8.


– Dale

Nice, thanks