We are migrating our code from RhinoDotNet to RhinoCommon and I’m having problems using this class.

I was using it like this:

BinaryArchiveFile file = new BinaryArchiveFile( tempFile, BinaryArchiveMode.Write );

file.Open( );
if ( file == null ) return null;

file.Writer.WriteInt( 5 );

But file.Open() returns false if the file doesn’t exist instead of creating it, which is not the behavior i was expecting.

If I create the file using the System.IO.File functions previous to this, File.Open() works and I can access file.Writer, but the call to file.Writer.WriteInt or any other Write function launches an exception.

Maybe I’m missing something?

No, you are not missing anything, as this looks to be an issue with BinaryArchiveFile.Open. I’ll see to fixing this - thanks for reporting.

Thanks for the response. I’ll be waiting

The fix should be in SR8…

Ok, Thanks!!