We are migrating our code from RhinoDotNet to RhinoCommon and I’m having problems using this class.

I was using it like this:

BinaryArchiveFile file = new BinaryArchiveFile( tempFile, BinaryArchiveMode.Write );

file.Open( );
if ( file == null ) return null;

file.Writer.WriteInt( 5 );

But file.Open() returns false if the file doesn’t exist instead of creating it, which is not the behavior i was expecting.

If I create the file using the System.IO.File functions previous to this, File.Open() works and I can access file.Writer, but the call to file.Writer.WriteInt or any other Write function launches an exception.

Maybe I’m missing something?

(Dale Fugier) #2

No, you are not missing anything, as this looks to be an issue with BinaryArchiveFile.Open. I’ll see to fixing this - thanks for reporting.


Thanks for the response. I’ll be waiting

(Dale Fugier) #4

The fix should be in SR8…


Ok, Thanks!!