Re-order points using vector (?)

Hello !
I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how to select points in a specific order. I’m trying to use a vector as a guide, but it’s not working. Maybe another way is better but i don’t know how. I described the problem in the image below and I attached the .gh as well.
Thank you for any help :smiley: (10.5 KB)

I have no clue what you’re trying to do but think you need to know this… The purple group and the yellow group produce the same result, eh?


oh yeah ;/ It’s a part of another bigger code and cut this part that i was using to another thing. my fault, sorry. Like i said, i don’t know if it’s possible to do what i want. Thanks for the reply anyway.

To solve any problem you need to be able to describe it well.

If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask, for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.

– Albert Einstein

Great quote and i totally agree! I know what i want. what i don’t know if it’s possible to solve the way i was thinking.

Try to describe the problem more clearly without suggesting a solution.