Re-create the look of engraved letters

Howdy! Would anyone like to point me in the right direction to get started on something like this? I just want to re-create the appearance of engraved letters that have a bevel to them, or even a roundover bevel is better. The image is a screen shot from VCarve Pro that I use for the CNC. It would be nice to recreate the bevel look so I could show my wife. Thanks!

I guess ExtrudeCrvTapered could help but it will requiere a lot of manual work to solve each case

What kind of bevel?

If you want to create the actual 3d model rather tthan just an appearance of the engraved letters you should look at the structure of the lines used to create the edges. In my experience fonts will give you lots of trouble when you try to model them in 3d unless you rebuild the lines.
Then I would create a center guide curve for each letter and and move it down the required distance. For a roundover bevel I would sweep2 the edges, for a flat bevel you may be able to just loft.

Like this?

Engraving DC1.3dm (1.9 MB)
I assumed a constant draft angle, variable depth engraving.

Input is curves of the tip of the engraving tool.
ExtrudeCrvTapered the curves with the desired draft angle.
ExtrudeCrvTapered the curves with the negative of the desired draft angle.
If an input curve does not ends inside the object to be engraved then Revolve the edge of one of the extruded surfaces to connect the corresponding extruded surfaces.
For each input curve Join the corresponding surfaces.
BooleanDifference or BooleanSplit and Delete to remove the desired parts of the object to be engraved.

Yeah. Kind of. I’ll download the file later when I’m at the pc. Thanks!

That’s what I was thinking too. Including creating a center line and dragging that down. No issues recreating the font lines. I’m and “old” CorelDraw user. :wink:

Thanks Abraham!

ExtrudeCrvTapered is going to give you a more accurate model of the result you will get by actually engraving, as the depth with vary with the width of the edge curves(letters). I also use CAM software for CNC and the easiest way I know to produce this more accurate visual appearance is to run a simulation and take a screen shot. I don’t know if there is any way to easily turn this into a “solid” digital model.