Raytraced: configuring the Cycles engine

This is what I am typing to get done at this very moment. I target this work to be ready before the next WIP gets released.


@nathanletwory, please make it user configurable. I’ve found that the best settings are scene, image-size and gpu dependent and there is no rule which fits it all. Something like the AutoTileSize plugin in blender helps of course.

btw. will tiled rendering be possible in the viewport or just in the external RenderWindow ?


I don’t know the timeline for this automagic stuff, so for the time being it’ll be user configurable. In the past hour I merged a (or rather our CI system) pull request that makes RhinoCycles_SetRenderOptions persistent. I added to this also tile_x and tile_y to set tile size for GPU (CPU tilesize stays for now on 32x32). For now this is a plug-in level setting, but I’m working on getting user data on the viewport in which one can override such plug-in level settings. The new persistence of settings should already help though. See here and here.

I don’t think tiled rendering will be available in the viewport, that is supposed to be realtime, interactive. The RenderWindow eventually will be more configurable for best performance.