Random tilting of facade cassettes - How to do?

I’m trying to build a facade with aluminum cassettes that are tilted in random directions and if possible tilted in random angles (within limits).

I think I have all the functionality in place except the random part…
I build the cassettes as lofted curves and angle them by moving edges before joining them and extracting the front surface again (to make sure the normal points out).

To randomize the tilt from panel to panel I need to work with stuff in the middle of the data tree… I think and I can’t get it to work, so I would love some suggestions/help.


random til cassettes.gh (39.1 KB)

BTW; when I join 5 of the surfaces and then attach the output to a surface component I magically get the front surface as if it was part of the brep…if I connect a brep, I get the 5 that I poured into the join component…is this a freak function or a feature that I can safely use?
…to make sure I implemented a safe option as well, to get the front surface.

I found a solutions and would like to share it so other may be saved some of the agony i experienced…
There may be some redundancy or wrong/heavy handed solutions, so if there are suggestions for improvement I’d love to hear and learn.
random tilt cassettes 2.gh (44.0 KB)

However it works and it’s actually pretty fun and responsive to play with… :wink:


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