Random distribution within 3D shapes

I want to make a cylinder that contains fiber wires (steel Fiber) that are distributed randomly inside the cylinder, and it is possible to change the length and numbers of the fiber, as well as the dimensions of the cylinder.

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you mean inside or on the surface? any picture of what you are trying to achieve?

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Inside the box, not surface.

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Solved already? That doesn’t look like a cylinder to me.

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files


Thanks for your cooperation. But I still can’t control the length of the line. Also, the length of the line isn’t the same.

this might be one way

Random_Lines_of_given_length_inside_Box.gh (20.7 KB)

you can change the center point of the lines by giving a seed to B
you can change the orientation of each line (while keeping same center point) by giving a seed to A

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I am very grateful to you. I am very happy for your cooperation.
Last question, can I change the box to a cylinder? And if it works, there will still be a problem with the population 3D, because the shape of the population 3D is square and in the case of a cylinder the perimeter is circular. Is there a solution to this problem?

fiber inside cylinder.png

Joseph’s definition is a viable way to solve that:

I am not aware of a Component that can populate any sort of volume with random points, so generally you populate the bounding box of your Cylinder and Cull the points that fall outside:

you decide for a seed (B), then slide the Count slider until the LINE COUNT panel indicates the right amount of lines you want (some points will fall inside the cylinder and make the count increase, others will fall outside the cylinder and the count will stay the same)
then you can plug a seed to A and get lines with different orientation built on those same points

Random_Lines_of_given_length_inside_Cylinder.gh (23.7 KB)

No comment, it’s very nice, thanks a lot.

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