Random diagonal lines pattern definition

Does anyone has an already made GH

definition that produces similar result to the pattern in the image attached, and is willing to share it?

thank in advance

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thanks man!

You can get this pattern by using simple recursive algorithm with Anemone plugin.

Surface Cracking_re.gh (13.0 KB)

Hi there,
I would like to ask something close to your subject. For pattern like this, how i can make the pattern to “finish” like this, at the edge / end of the diameter of the disk?


Thanks in Advance!

It is clearly possible to do something similar (not the same as the pattern you mention is arrayed).
You could must propagate cracks from the edges and cracks from the interior. See here



or you can use substrate component?

substratehelp_01.gh (26.7 KB)

(edit) the last component is removing lines that end up being too small, but if you wish to keep them all then ignore it and use result from substrate itself

@Parabolic_Design, you can insert a coin in one of the lord (@PeterFotiadis) machines:

Thanks corellaman Seghier khaled and Laurent Delrieu.
Just i was thinking about. (No time to work on this).
I am thinking the solution is…" to cut a piece of the cake/disk, after to build/customize the diagonal line pattern on the piece… and after polar array…
Piece of the cake…:smiley:


Can you upload the plug-in pease?

crack loop.gh (37.1 KB)