Radial/Concentric Texture Mapping [problem]


I’m currently building a model of the Art Warehouse by A31 Arcitecture. And I’m currently struggling with the texture mapping of the front sideof the arched roof.

I’ve tried capped cylindrical mapping, but also detaching the front arch surface and texturing it separately - nothing helped. Any suggetions?

Greetz and thanks in advance.

Hi, instead of building the half cylinder cap with a planar surface, create it using the _Ribbon command in the front view. Then use surface mapping and adjust u and v until it fits. The surface has to be detached in this case.


Thank you very much, clement! It worked just fine.

However, as I’m on, I have two more questions:

  1. Is there any trick in matching the texture sizes on both surfaces (see picture)?
  2. Is it possible to make combine the two faces (so that the displacement map ‘continues’ around the corner, without losing the texture mapping?

Thanks again

Yes, (1) for the cylindric inner and outer mantle surface, use surface mapping as well and copy the u (or v) repeat values from the one used for the ribbon surface.

(2). The displacement should follow around the corner if the repeat values (for the mantle and the ribbon part) do match. The two surfaces can then stay detached i guess.


Thanks again for the quick response, c.!

To (1) - it doesn’t really seem to work out this way. This is what I get, when I copy the values:

I’ve attached the model, if You could be so kind and take a look at it…
ArchRoof.3dm (1.9 MB)

Thanks again, man.

Hi, explode the part first, then select the mantle surface(s) and shrink them using ShrinkTrimmedSrf command. Then check that you´re having the same uv directions as for the ribbon surface using the Dir command.

Currently the ribbon surface uses the stone tiling in the V-Direction but the mantle is using the U-Direction. You can either swap / flip directions using the _Dir command or swap your uv repeat values in the material editor.

Both surfaces can be mapped using the surface mapping type.


Thank you, c.

Now I struggle a bit with the flipping the _Dir directions to match those of the ribbon surface, but I’m sure, that sonn I’ll have it and it will work out. It’s a matter of time for a slowhand like me =]

Thanks again, and I’ll post some results, as soon as I manage to achieve it,

just explode your part, select the cylindric mantle surface, shrink it and run Dir command. In the commandline, there is an option to SwapUV, click it once and note how the litle axis widget changes…


You’re one very patient guy… Thank you. Everything’s good now.