Radial Array along cross pitched surface

Please help! I am modeling a boardwalk with a vertical pitch and horizontal cross pitch but I can not figure out how to array my boards so they follow both pitches while maintaining the evenly spaced radial array.

Using the ArrayCrv command I can get the radial array to follow the incline pitch up the path but how do I also give the array a cross pitch? Basically I’m looking for some sort of sweep2 type operation but for Arraying objects.

For reference, I have modeled the twisting Planer Surface in the model (see images) and attached the file.

I’m open to any suggestions. Thanks!

Radial_Array_Pitched_Srf.3dm (353.0 KB)

Hello - ArrayCrvOnSrf can do this but it is an awkward command to use. I’ve set up the objects so that it should work (I think) as you need.

  1. extract and isocurve from the middle of the surface

  2. Trim off the part of that curve that is inside the object to be arrayed.

  3. Set a Cplane to the surface on the end of the shortened curve:

  4. Run ArrayCrvOnSrf - se the base point to the CPlane orign and use the divide option - looks like 120 is the right number.

Radial_Array_Pitched_Srf_Maybe.3dm (162.9 KB)


Thank you, Pascal! I’ll try it out.

Awesome, that worked! I was having a heck of a time figuring out ArrayCrvOnSrf earlier this morning. Thanks for breaking it down. Now, on to the rest of the boardwalk :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’d like to make that command a little bit more intuitive… I am not sure what is possible though.