R8MAC Autosave - Where are the settings?

Can anyone point me to the Autosave settings for R8MAC?

what in specific are you looking for?


Thanks for the helpful link. I seem to recall that we could specify the save frequency in R5Mac, but checking my version I don’t see it either and wonder if I’m loosing my mind…or maybe it was dropped in an update and didn’t notice. That the setting no longer exists explains it. I’ve just upgraded to R8Mac and having frequent crashes while modifying the workspace/toolbars, so I’d hoped to mitigate some of the change losses by being able to set the save frequency. I guess I’ll have to old school save every change and see if they stick. Cheers.

I believe you can increase (or decrease) the autosave frequency with the Rhino.Options.FileSettings.AutoSaveIncrement variable (default: 20) that you can find under Advanced in “Rhino > Settings…”.

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