R8 script editor autocomplete not showing Python Class Methods

I decided it was time to explore Class Methods in Python Enums. I can create a module with them and, while editing the module, Rhino 8’s autocomplete shows them. However, if I import the module into another .py file then autocomplete does not show them in that context. It does show the enum members.

Here’s a fragment of the class:

The class method base_unit() returns a particular enum member.

Here’s a small test py file which imports the module, showing how the autocomplete choices do not show the method:

Here’s the test file in Visual Studio, where the class method does appear in the autcomplete options:

Note that it is only the autocomplete that is a problem - if I type the code in manually it executes correctly.

Rhino 8.7.24128.12261, 2024-05-07

TestingClassMethods.py (156 Bytes)
dens.py (2.0 KB)


Thanks for reporting this and the examples. I looged here and got it fixed for Rhino 8.8

RH-81977 Python Enum autocompletion does not show methods

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RH-81977 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 8 Release Candidate 1. Please try it out.