R8 Mac undo breaks link to GH component

Rhino 8.1.23325.13002 on M2 Mac Mini.

Draw a curve in Rhino (doesn’t seem to be confined to curves but that’s how I found the problem)
Reference it in a curve component in Grasshopper (Set one curve)
Edit the curve in Rhino
Undo one of your edits in Rhino (key step)
Grasshopper curve component is now empty and cannot be relinked
Other GH components cannot be set to Rhino Geometry – nothing happens.



That is strange. To try and replicate i placed a curve in Rh8 Mac, opened grasshopper and added a curve component, right clicked and Set One curve. In Rhino modified the curves a few times, and then un-did.

I’m not seeing the behavior you are describing.

Please run the SystemInfo command in the Rhino command line and post the results.

Are you running any GH plugins? To test we might need to open a new instance of Rhino and initiate grasshopper with the GrasshopperLoadOnebyOne command, saying no to all 3rd party GH plugins.


Oh no – it’s one of those eh. Thanks for the quick response. It’s very repeatable this end and I’m getting cmd-Z phobia mixed with an attack of ’this is so obvious it must be me’ :wink:

I’ve been using the WIP version of Rhino 8 for some time and I think I would have noticed it so it could be pretty recent.

I just tried GrasshopperLoadOnebyOne and said no to everything – just the same. I’ll try starting the mac in safe mode and if it will still run rhino then I’ll update you on results.

Sysinfo file is attached.



sysinfo.txt (4.46 KB)

I think we have a repeatable report here of a same/similar issue.

Thanks for reporting.

oh – good oh.

I noticed something that might possibly help. After the undo the Grasshopper Window shows a permanent ‘halo’ around the canvas – see attached screenshot.

Also repeatable on my M2 Macbook Air.

End of day here on GMT. Thanks for your help.


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I’ve just installed this week’s service release of Rhino 8 and the problem is still here. On my laptop I deleted all releases of Rhino, deleted the McNeel folder in Application Support and started with a fresh download and no plugins. Problem unchanged.

On my desktop machine I went back to Rhino 7 as a sanity check and that works fine.

The problem is worse than I thought. Any undo in Rhino puts Grasshopper into an unusable state until Grasshopper is reloaded. It’s not just related to curves and curve editing as I first reported. Odd that it’s not reproducible.


Can you confirm what version you’re using. You need Rhino 8.3…

Rhino for Mac Version 8 (8.2.23346.13002, 2023-12-12). Where do I find Rhino 8.3?

In Settings > General set update frequencyto service release candidate, then press Check Now.

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Thanks Nathan. 8.3 fixes my undo problem but it’s too unstable to use as yet so I’ve reverted to Rhino 7 till things settle down a bit.

Can you specify what makes it unstable for you? Thanks

I’ve just spent an unsuccessful couple of hours trying to construct a minimum case. The only pattern I can find is that crashes seem to occur when I change a slider input to a complex Grasshopper model that takes a while to compute. The crashes are not associated with any particular GH file. I sent in a crash report. Sorry but I don’t have any more time for this at the moment.


If you have a model you are willing to share that crashes, I can torture test it to see if I can reproduce. If confidential, you can upload it here.

Strange – I can no longer reproduce this problem. The only change I have made is to install Apple’s latest firmware update for my studio display. Doesn’t seem a likely explanation but I can’t think of anything else that has changed. Memory doesn’t seem to be a problem – I checked that last week. Anyway I’m marking it as solved – I hope it stays that way.

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