R7 working with pointclouds...how processor intense?

I have Rhino 5 and thinking of upgrading to Rhino 7, and contemplating a new computer as it seems I am asking too much of my lightweight setup.

My main application is 3-D scanning portions of boats and then manipulating the pointclouds in Rhino. I am not doing Grasshopper work- not intense rendering etc.

Is this heavy lifting type of operations or not as that will influence how much I need to stretch my budget. Specifically when I try to explode pointclouds, my CPU acts like an angry girlfriend and just stops responding… lol

For anyone that does similar work and wants to chime in on R7 and point clouds over R5 to encourage me to take the leap to R7 or has some sage advice like “it’s more Ram than video card that is going to help you”, I’m all ears.


Check out Cockroach – which incorporates the latest and greatest pointcloud algorithms

This eliminates much of the pre-processing typically done in cloudcompare


@chris26 What type of scanner are you using?

It’s a software based solution using datacaptuted by the Intel Realense camera line. I am using their D455.

The result is color points

OK, I was asking mainly because I am scanning with an Artec Leo and all my post-processing is done in Artec Studio 15.

The tools provided by Artec are far superior to what Rhino can do in this field. I’m not complaining about Rhino. I just think that meshing and editing pointclouds, reduction of meshes and hole filling are things that should be done in a post processing software. Artec Studio 15 also introduced new tools for the reconstruction of basic geometries such as planes, spheres, cylinders and cones. It comes at a price of course but what you get is stunning.