R7 WIP: GHpython component not working?

I just updated my Rhino 7 WIP to 7.0.19183.10495, 07/02/2019, and it looks like the ghpython component is not functioning?
I tried a restart, after updating, but didn’t see any change. Did I miss something?

@piac made some changes this week with respect to GhPython. Giulio, can you check on this?

Sorry, @chanley, I inadvertently broke it while fixing RH-53391.

I reported RH-53648 and will fix it ASAP.



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

Thanks for looking into it!

If you want to use it nonetheless, you can set the “Show code input” option: with that option it is working.

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Thanks Giulio. That does the trick for now! For what it’s worth, it also solves the problem for any existing (uncompiled) ghpython user objects. It does not seem to affect custom user objects created/compiled from a ghpython component.

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RH-53648 is fixed in the latest WIP

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