R7 Memory allocation error while arraying SubD

Hello guys, just got rhis error twice in a row while trying to make a 200x linear array of 82 SubD and 246 curve object.

Can I be of any help or is this fine?



Not knowing the memory pressure already there with your 82 subds I’m going to guess they’re pretty heavy, in which case increasing the memory consumption 200-fold leading to a Out Of Memory crash isn’t all too unsurprising.

Maybe make a block out of your geometry and array the one instance instead?

Hi Nathan,
It’s based on this 48-face mesh. The workaround is to use copy instead of array.
I need to join them to create one continuous repeating pattern. I’m pretty new in SubD but I couldn’t do that using blocks, right?

Can I somehow force the resulting SubD to respect the hexagonal silhouette? This way I could just block it and move it around.