Quicker way to write text

Hi, could I write text in Rhino using a feature similar to Scribble in Grasshopper, which allows me to use the prefix ‘~’ to write down text immediately?
(Really enjoy being in Rhino, Feel like taking study notes in practice files.)

No, not that I know of, first you have to write the text (plus specify any further options) and then you have to choose the insertion point to create the text where you want it. There is no direct text entry or editing on screen, it always goes through the dialog.

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Oh cool, I didn’t know that! That’s handy to know.

Other cool Grasshopper short codes I like using:

Type " followed by any text to create a panel

Type a number to create a slider. Type ‘0<10’ to create number slider from 0 to 10. Type ‘0<10.00’ to create a float slider from 0 to 10.00.

You could certainly build yourself a super short GH Player command to do that.

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Thank you all!
I somehow found a solution by setting a silent pop-up macro with an alias pair:

The alias “TT” resembles the “~” symbol used in Scribble and allows me to write text directly.

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You can write the text directly on the command line, but you still need to click on the screen somewhere place it in the file before you see it on-screen. Also, beware of text with spaces… You will need to enclose the string in quotes if your text has spaces in it, otherwise the command will end when you hit the first space.

That might be interesting… hmm.

I was trying to create a quick Python Script for it actually, but got stuck on the same limitation, where the GetString input needs quotes around it. Anybody know why a space would be considered like the end of the String?

Actually I just noticed that even in other Rhino Commands this limitation exists, like when you create a new layer using the commandline, I have to enclose the name in " " if I want spaces in it?! That seems like a really dumb limitation. Like anyone would remember to put the " " marks around the name. But maybe that’s for another topic…

Because hitting the spacebar is the equivalent of Enter.

In a script you can use Stringbox() to get around this limitation…

Hm. That seems odd from a usability standpoint. But hey, Rhino is known for a lot of things - UX is not one of them…

And there is no way to disable that “feature”?

Well, I think there are actually a fair number of people that use spacebar for Enter… Old habits, habits from other software, just easier to hit with your thumb?

Been asked for many times, I’m afraid. Think it’s hard coded very deep inside core Rhino, and it’s been there since Rhino 1.


I don’t know why, but it seems that the macro “-_Text” surprisingly supports spaces :grin:. This makes it truly convenient for me…

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Yeah, I thought that. Like you say, once its in there, people get used to it and it becomes harder to change. Although I have a feeling that this is especially true at McNeel. “Don’t fix what ain’t broke” is a good attitude, but “Don’t fix what is broken, but people got used to working around it” is not.

I have been using Rhino for about 6 years now and didn’t even know Space did the same as Enter, since hitting space would not cross my mind. I know of no other command line tool where Space = Enter.

Yeah, what a lucky surprise. So it IS possible. I wonder how they did that, but probably a hardcoded workaround of the other hardcoded behavior.