Quick 'how to' question

I am trying to create a sharp indentation in the design of a Chef Knife handle as seen here.

I have no problem getting the rest of the handle looking just as I like it, but am having difficulty using control points to create this indented shape. Should I cut it out and do a blend? Suggestions? Thanks!

I would trim, yes and make a new surface there at the swoop from the cut.


Thanks Pascal. I’ll tell you what I wound up doing. I used a curve network command comprised of the side profile and the appropriate sections. It does a pretty good job of getting the swooped area defined properly. But I want to try what you suggested. What exact commands would you use … a blend … sweep … network? While making the overall shape deforming a sphere with points took a long time, by using the curve network, I got pretty close pretty quickly. But I want this to be very precise. It’s tough to achieve this by manipulating points. Thanks again.

Here’s a quick example of how you might get there- Swoop.3dm (106.0 KB)


I don’t know how accurate the model you’d like to build but it’s my way to do this. It seems Rhino fillet or blend tools do not work on this model very well and It will be time consuming if you try to fix things on top surfaces that created by some commands.

Edit: model download link

An approach I would use is to create a simple finger notch trim surface. Point edit into the desired shape. Then boolean trim it and fillet blend it into the handle.

Thanks guys!

Concerning booleans - this is a fascinating plug in that just arrived for modo:

(not sure my link is working - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjzfhbW2hNY)