Quick block question

In AutoCad, I am able to have a objects on layer 0 in the block assume the properties of the layer the block is assigned to.

Is this possible in Rhino? I have tried assigning objects to ‘default,’ but no luck

Objects inside block instances in Rhino take on the characteristics of the original objects used to make the block definition - including layer, visibility, color, etc. If the objects were made with color by layer, they will have the colors of the original layers the objects were on when the block was made. That is just how blocks work in Rhino.

Well, that’s slight annoyance


What you can do is set the original color of the objects to “by parent” instead of “by layer”. Then the objects will take on the color of the layer the block instance is on, instead of the color of the layer that the block definition has.

For existing block instances, double-click the block instance to enter block edit mode, select the objects, and in Properties, set the color to “by parent” and then OK to close the block editor. The color of the objects inside the block instance (and all other instances using the same definition) will change to the color of the layer(s) that the instance(s) is(are) on.

Oh that works exactly how I want it to.

I love how things are so similar, but different for AutoCAD