Question for modelisation of the neck of a violin


I’m trying to modelise the neck of a violin, principally using “surface by section” button.
At the end, the surface is not smooth. It seems very low poly.
Can i change now to be a surface high poly or maybe it’s not the good method i use?
I give you here the screenshot step by step of what i did.
Thanks so much to help me! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much if you can help me!
Because at the end, as i’d like to 3D print, we see that it’s very low poly…

I’m sorry I am super busy now and can’t do a proper reply with screenshots but I have also struggled with this corner and started out doing it just about as you show, but have finally settled on a different strategy. Basically you want to sweep along the blue line and not the red line. You can fill in the triangular area between the blue and green lines by blending between the curved neck surface swept along the blue line and a planar surface defined by the green lines but extending away from the neck so the roughly triangular corner is blended. Hope this helps. I’ll try to get back with a better reply.

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While using Loft pay attention to the options. In this example you’ve used “Straight sections”, which gives you a bunch of surfaces with G0 (positional only) continuity between them.

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