Question for galapagos convergence

Hi everyone

now i build a list contain 56 numbers, and by the method of creat set, i can see the all the different number. i try to use gene pool to add a number below 2 to minimize the output, but it seems
the convergence is hard to reach(obviously, the result might be 5 or 6 types)

maybe there are too many slider in the gene pool?

I find out that i didn’t tell the galapagos component the correct target.
Since I’d like to minimize the length of list, link the output of set and fittness directly wouldn’t work right.But “length of list” component can’t be linked to fittness directly, so I used “addition” to add a zero.Now it works well.

just connect list length to a number param. Is cleaner :slight_smile:

Hi Tim

Thank you for reply. But I can’t connect directly. Maybe my version is too old? It’s build 0.2.0448