Question about using cpython in the new grasshopper 2

Is it possible to create and use cpython scrips in the new grasshopper 2 of Rhino 8?

I mean it without add-on.

The new Rhino 8 script editor comes with CPython 3.9.10 (i.e. not plugins needed :partying_face:):

I don’t think it has been added to Grasshopper 2 yet, perhaps @DavidRutten can elaborate.

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Thank you for the answer. I thought the grasshopper shown on Rhino 8 was version 2, which was not. As far as cpython is available within Grasshopper, it is good for many users.

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I’m not sure about the current Rhino 8 release. But the Beta came with Grasshopper 1 (as has been the case since Rhino 6), and the option to install Grasshopper 2 via the PackageManager:

Note that you launch Grasshopper2 with the G2 command.

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Thank you, I will try Grasshopper 2.